My great-Aunt told me one time I was destined to be a preacher.  I’m passionate about what I believe, and I desire to share that with others.

In hopes of finding a way to constructively do this sharing, I remembered that one of my best friends had this thing called…a blog.  The whole concept of a blog didn’t sit well with me initially – it just seemed like one big, gigantic, glorified Facebook post.

Recently though, I’ve been very encouraged and inspired by certain individuals’s blog posts, so here’s my shot at hoping to encourage/inspire someone else, my shot at paying it forward, if you will.

The world we live in is hungry…hungry for the love of God, for shalom and wholeness, and for the life and joy He can provide.  Often times, we get glimpses and tastes of something Jane Fonda called reverence humming within her.  This humming reverence has a way of alerting us to this hunger through certain moments that we have in life.  It’s the moments when you realize that there’s something more going on here, that maybe, just maybe,  it’s not all an accident, and that this thing your experiencing is really connected to that other thing.

This is really about that.

My hope is that in reading these blog posts, you will become aware of the connectedness of everything, and that Jesus Christ is the One who holds all things together (Col. 1, Heb. 1, Jn. 1).  I don’t know what form those posts will take, but what I do know is that each one will focus on some aspect of God and knowing Him through those moments I was talking about earlier.

And to me, that’s something worth sharing with others.


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